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RICHARD DAMIEN is widely know as a master "energy mover" and "energy transformer" providing alignment for thousands to experience powerful shifts that provide greater awareness, satisfaction, prosperity, creativity, harmony and well-being in their lives and environment.

     Richard draws from his extensive experience as an actor, singer, dancer, healer, writer, composer, minister and counselor in serving others.

     Born with unusual healing gifts, Richard entered the healing profession in 1978. Studying with masters on both coasts, he has integrated his studies of Metaphysics, Shiatsu, Breathwork, Actualism, Lightwork, A Course in Miracles, Shamanism, Buddhism, Yoga and Meditation. Richard is ordained as an interfaith minister and Reiki Master. He is not attached to any religion or ideology.

     Richard has led workshops nationally and retreats in Hawaii and Mexico, as well as appearing on several television and radio programs including the CBS Evening News where he was acknowledged as a genuine psychic.

     In London, Paris and Edinburgh, Richard facilitated the first healing circles for people with HIV/AIDS. In San Francisco, he led the Community Spirit Healing Circle. He has contributed to the International Journal of Holistic Health and Medicine. His first book, "A Monk in the World" and two guided meditations with Richard are now available online.

     For the past 35 years, Richard’s clients have included celebrities from the world of show business, art, fashion, as well as people from all walks of life. Richard is the writer, composer and star of a transformational autobiographical musical "Almost a Child Star" which premiered at John Shea's Theatre Workshop of Nantucket.

A Message from Richard:
“The purpose of my work is to transform your experience of living so that you find yourself becoming more present, more joyous, more creative, and courageous with ease and grace.”

Disclaimer:   Damienwork™ is not psychotherapy or a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  Damienwork™ compliments and does not conflict with any medication or treatment.

     Richard’s Message for 2018:

     During challenging times, it is so tempting to be negative and fearful. Yet the more we drive our thoughts in that direction, the more we descend into a landscape of despair.

  Life is full of vibrations like those that come from a musical instrument. We can choose where we would like to resonate.Just by choosing to live in a higher resonance,a portal opens for our well-being.

  There are four such portals that can support us in living in a higher resonance:    
1.GRATITUDE:What are you grateful for in your life? What life experiences do you cherish?Connecting with gratitude for what you do have rather than focusing on what is lacking invites greater abundance.   
2.APPRECIATION:Appreciation is gratitude in action.Letting friends and family and support people know that you are thankful for their contribution to your well-being is a blessing.This practice strengthens the bonds we have  with each other.  
3.SILENCE:Going into silence invites a respite from the busyness and doingness of life.Sitting in silence deepens our spiritual connection and renews our body/mind and spirit.  
4.BLESSINGS:Offering prayers or blessings for others will reconnect you with your gratitude and appreciation.In silence you will open to spirit.No matter what your life circumstances may be,you can always offer blessings. Offering Blessings are like tickling the ivories of higher consciousness.

 Reach for the higher resonance and this will become your constant reality.  
With peace and joy,
 Love and Shanti 

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